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Our Story

IMPACT is a non-profit association of international development experts and associates working to establish good governance and curb corruption around the globe. IMPACT provides targeted assistance to governmental, non-governmental and international organizations seeking to enhance systems of oversight, manage integrity, and increase transparency and accountability.


IMPACT began in 2003 as a concept by a group of like minded individuals to enhance anti-corruption efforts around the globe by bringing together practitioners in the field that genuine first hand experience in improving good governance. In 2006 it was founded in Copenhagen Denmark and conducted a number of activities in Sierra Leone, Tajikistan as well as implemented the anti-corruption component of AusAID's Criminal Justice Project in Cambodia. In 2009, IMPACT was migrated to Atlantic Canada when its founding member and President Donald Bowser returned home. Since then it has largely been focused on local integrity issues in Atlantic Canada.


How IMPACT Works

Increasingly around the globe, anti-corruption and good governance have become regularly discussed by the international development community.  However, the
methods by which these issues have been tackled have
often proved ineffective. IMPACT seeks to resolve these
issues be bringing together those that know best - local practitioners and genuine specialists to create systems to manage integrity of institutions and increase the
transparency and accountability of governments.


The IMPACT team draws on substantial field experience
and expertise in areas of effective governance and corruption prevention. A mainstay of IMPACT’s local engagement is our continued drive to transfer technical skills and knowledge so
that managing integrity becomes sustainable. We believe that effective outcomes can only be attained when local institutions achieve lasting operational independence.


IMPACT has a multi-pronged approach to governance reform: build the capacity of government and private sector agencies through training and policy advice, while facilitating the growth and develop the capacity of an active civil society, able to advocate better transparency and accountability from below.

Who we Are

IMPACT is an Atlantic Canada based non-governmental organisation registered under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia. We operate with a small team of core staff that includes the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Program Managers for each of its programs as well as a number of dedicated volunteers.


IMPACT is governed by a five member Board of Directors and is guided by an Advisory Board consisting of international experts in the field of anti-corruption.


For complete details of our team please see our Members page. 

How to Find IMPACT


We've Moved!
IMPACT is now at: 
45 Brundage Lane 
Tidnish, Nova Scotia B4H3X9

Telephones:+ 1 902 694 5255