Integrity Management, Promoting Accountability and Transparency - IMPACT
Managing Integrity at Home and around the Globe

What is Integrity Management, Promoting Accountability and Transparency - IMPACT?

IMPACT is a non-profit association of governance experts and associates working to establish good governance and curb corruption around the globe. IMPACT provides targeted assistance to governmental, non-governmental and international organizations seeking to enhance systems of oversight, manage integrity, and increase transparency and accountability.
What do we Do? 
IMPACT is working around the in three core programs
  • Integrity Management within institutions and sectors though identifcation of vulnerabilities as well improving internal and external systems of control.
  • Accountability enhancement by increasing the mechanisms and means for citizens to hold their authorities to account and stop abuse of power.
  • Increase Transparency of systems of governance and public goods. 
IMPACT conducts this work through a number of activities that includes
  • Research
  • Advocacy
  • Policy Advisory 
  • Capacity Building
Where We Work
 IMPACT works around the globe and currently is active in a number of locations:
  • North America. At home in Canada is pursuing research; advocacy and policy advisory projects on local governance and natural resources issues. 
  • Globally. IMPACT is working with local partners in the former Soviet Union, Asia and Africa to both build their capacity and to deliver joint programs.