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Integrity Management, Promoting Accountability and Transparency (IMPACT) is a non-profit association of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to enhancing integrity through greater accountability and transparency of the Government both in Canada and around the world.

IMPACT’s core team of its Directors are all experienced advocates with extensive practical experience in effective action of creating demand for change based on solid evidence and policies.

The IMPACT team includes:

Donald Bowser President
Donald is a Canadian national who has been working in the anti-corruption field since he joined Transparency International as its first Program Officer for the former Soviet Union in 1998. Since leaving TI in 2001, Donald has been providing policy advice on anti-corruption around the globe mostly in the former Soviet Union, Asia but and Africa. This has included assignments as the Prevention Advisor of Sierra Leonean Anti-Corruption Commission, Chief Technical Advisor for the UNDP in the former Soviet Union. He has extensive management experience as Team Leader for multi-lateral organisations in such diverse places as:  Armenia; Bangladesh; Cambodia; Macedonia, Kyrgyzstan; Tajikistan and South Sudan.
He has also served as a senior policy advisor in Afghanistan for the Joint Independent Anti-corruption Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (MEC) where he helped to expose some of the largest corruption schemes in the international community as well as the national government.  For past 3 years, he has been in Ukraine working on establishment of National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine and working with local authorities in the conflict areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions to mitigate corruption especially in the procurement process in reconstruction.  Since 2012 he has been active in promoting greater transparency in the natural resources sector in Atlantic Canada. 
He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Acadia University in which he had an exchange year at Odessa State University in the USSR and a Masters of Arts from the Central European University in Prague/Budapest and is finalizing a PhD at the University of Melbourne Australia. He speaks fluent German and Russian and a smattering of Czech; Hungarian and Dari/Tajik. 
Joan Baxter Vice-President
Joan Baxter is a journalist, international development researcher and writer, anthropologist, and award-winning author who lived and worked in Africa for more than 30 years. She has reported for the BBC World Service, CBC radio, AP, Reuters, Le Monde Diplomatique, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and the Chronicle Herald, among others.

 Baxter has also worked as a science writer and editor for several international research organizations and non-governmental organizations, served as the Executive Director of the Nova Scotia – Gambia Association, and as a member of the Board of Directors of USC Canada. She is a Senior Fellow with the Oakland Institute, an independent policy think tank in California.

She is the author of five non-fiction works about Africa, one book of short fiction set on the continent, as well as a book (in progress) tracing the fifty-year life of the pulp mill in Pictou County. Baxter has also researched and written many reports on foreign investment, transparency in extractive industries in Africa, including for Partnership Africa Canada, The Diamond Development Initiative, the Oakland Institute and Christian Aid (UK), and done consulting work for German International Co-operation (GIZ), the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), the erstwhile Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), and the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF).

A native of Nova Scotia, she holds a BJ (Honours) from the University of King’s College in Halifax, an MA (Anthropology) and BA (Honours) from the University of Alberta.
Cheryl Urquhart-Tait 

How can you join the team? Volunteer!
IMPACT relies heavily on interns and volunteers for many of its activities. If you are interested in making a difference then contact us at:

IMPACT Advisory Board

Valentine Collier


Valentine, a citizen of Sierra Leone, is an experienced public servant with valuable knowledge of public administration in Africa that stems from his time in the Government of Sierra Leone. He has a postgraduate diploma in Development Administration from The University of Birmingham and has worked within various government ministries in Sierra Leone since the 1970s. These include positions as the Senior Assistant Secretary and later as the Deputy Secretary within the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Transport and Communications, and Ministry of Trade and Industry. In 1983 he became the Permanent Secretary within the Office of the President, and later progressed to become Secretary of the Cabinet and then Head of Civil Service.


In April 2000, Valentine was appointed Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission in Sierra Leone. As Commissioner he was responsible for the hiring of all relevant staff, controlling the use of all finances and resources and for implementing the mandate of the commission. This mandate was broad and included investigating and prosecuting offenders of corruption, implementing preventative measures against corruption and involved educating civil society about the damaging effects of corruption in order to instill a sense of responsibility around the issue of corruption.  It was through public cooperation and their willingness to report incidences of corruption that the commission was able to tackle corruption cases against high-ranking officials.