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Our previous press releases are posted below. 

IMPACT Calls for Greater Transparency in the Extractive Industries in Atlantic Canada

Halifax October 10th, 2013
There is a lot of talk, but little action on increasing the transparency of one of Canada’s most important sectors – extractive industries.
As a part of the 2013 Community Dialogues of St. Mary’s University, IMPACT's (Integrity Management and Promoting Accountability and Transparency) President will discuss Canada’s Obligations Towards Extraction Industry Transparency. Join us at the Alderny Gate Library October 30, 2013 from 18:00 – 20:00. Free to attend. Please register at
The Canadian Government has recently affirmed its commitment to transparency and accountability by pledging to enhance mandatory disclosure standards for Canadian extraction companies. However, since 2007, Canada has only supported Extractive Industry Transparency Initiatives (EITIs) abroad, failing to introduce legislation that would require domestic companies to comply.
A voluntary, multi-stakeholder initiative, the EITI is comprised of companies, civil society groups, investors, international organizations and their respective governments  who sign up for their implementation, aiming to create more accountability, transparency and a stronger sense of governance.

With the growing importance and reliance on extractive industries in Atlantic Canada, IMPACT seeks to kick off an Extractive Industry Transparency Program in the Atlantic provinces. With the collaboration of public demand, private stakeholders and government co-operation, it is possible to reduce the threat of corruption and enhance transparency and accountability in the oil, gas and mining sectors.


IMPACT Realizing it's Partnership with CISA 

Halifax/Phnom Penh October 11, 2013

IMPACT's Program Officer for Social Accountability  Morgan MacLean is actively supporting our Cambodian Partner the  Coalition for Integrity and Social Accountability (CISA). Since landing in Phnom Penh in September, Morgan has been busy with facilitating CISA's efforts in fund raising and programming. Morgan has had a bit of a chance to explore the country and said "it is one of the most fascinating places he has been". 

IMPACT staff member Morgan MacLean and CISA Executive Director Him Yun


Halifax Based Anti-Corruption NGO IMPACT Forges New Partnerships Around the World

Halifax/Phnom Penh May 13, 2012
Halifax based IMPACT (Integrity Management & Promoting Accountability and Transparency) has joined forces with the Cambodian based CISA (Coalition for Integrity and Social Accountability) to help them develop their integrity management, accountability and transparency programs. IMPACT is a non-governmental organization made up of international development experts and works to curb corruption and establish good governance around the globe. CISA has been working on issues of equality, justice and corruption since 2005. They recently completed an investigation into misappropriation of funds within the Department of Education of Kep City. CISA also is consulting on a national program for sub-national democratic development and has on-going projects aimed at engaging civilians in the push to increase accountability and transparency in the government. This new partnership springs from the long term involvement of IMPACT’s President, Donald Bowser. Bowser was first in Cambodia in 2005 leading USAID efforts in anti-corruption and supported AusAID’s Criminal Justice Program, he says:
“We look forward to helping CISA achieve greater sustainability in increasing transparency and accountability.”
IMPACT is sending a program officer to Phnom Penh to help CISA further its anticorruption efforts.
IMPACT also recently renewed its cooperation with Transparency International – Kyrgyzstan , forging an official partnership with the signing of a new memorandum of understanding. IMPACT will be helping to build capacity and performing diagnostics to help TI-Kyrgyzstan’s efforts to reduce corruption and increase good governance in the area.
IMPACT President Donald Bowser and Ti Kyrgyzstan Executive Director  Aigul Akmatjanova sign the MoU in Bishkek in December 2011