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Managing Integrity at Home and around the Globe
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What we Do

Integrity Management
Policy Advice aimed at controlling corruption and lowering risk of malfeasance from a national, enterprise and institutional level.
   Research/Diagnostics as an evidence base facilitate targeted reforms to identify root causes and opportunities for lapses in integrity, including direct observation, in-depth interviews, focus groups and guided questionnaires.



  • Training and Capacity Building of key actors in the system of oversight and integrity enforcement. This includes anti-corruption and financial control agencies as well as civil society organizations. Working through specifically designed and needs-assessed guidance, IMPACT builds the skills of our partner to more effectively counter malfeasance.
  • Institutional Development of more effective institutions that can detect, report, enforce and deter corruption.  
  • Citizen Mobilization is crucial to keeping Governments accountable. IMPACT works with local civil society groups to mobilize citizens to advocate for greater accountability of the public service.  
  • Access to Information through national and sub-national legislative and regulatory drafting.
  • Public Awareness and Education are powerful components in molding the public into strong advocates for change. IMPACT works through local civil society and Government to create awareness and education campaigns.
  • Extractive Industries. The utilization of natural resources is crucial for economic development and IMPACT works to bring greater transparency to the preservation and use of natural resources. 
IMPACT has consistently had a focus of bringing those with the genuine knowledge and skills to affect change together with those that are most effected by the consequences of corruption.