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North America
As a Canadian based NGO, IMPACT sees working to increase accountability and transparency at home is a prime concern. While our work overseas is vital, we see keeping our own officials accountable and ensuring transparent practices in Government and business. 
The focal point of IMPACT's Canada work currently is trying to make extractive industries more transparent through an advocacy campaign to enforce Canada's obligations in the international Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).
In October 2013we launched an Enhancing Transparency in Atlantic Canada's Extractive Industries Program. The program is focused on ensuring that extractive companies are transparent in the royalties that are paid to the provincial government and communities. We are co-operating with a number of local and international NGOs to advocate for greater public awareness and encourage citizens to enact change.

Central Asia
IMPACT has had a solid history of engagement in the Kyrgyz Republic. It is currently working through an agreement with Transparency International Kyrgyzstan on a number of  anti-corruption initiatives. This included research into corruption risks in the justice sector. 
As it's own initiatives IMPACT has in late 2012 conducted Corruption Risk Assessments in the Education and Health sectors with UNDP Kyrgyzstan and has an ongoing engagement on amending the conflict of interest legislation and mechanisms to enforce against conflict of interest.

Past Projects

In  2006 IMPACT undertook a Country Assessment on Accountability and Transparency (CONTACT) for UNDP.  
 South-East Asia


During 2006 - 2008 IMPACT assisted the Cambodian
Criminal Justice Assistance Program (CCJAP III) in developing
the means to identify and mitigate corruption vulnerabilities
in the law enforcement, prison and court systems.
In 2009, IMPACT's President Donald Bowser served as the
Chief of Party for the USAID's Mainstreaming Anti-corruption
for Equity (MAE) project. The project raised awareness on the
issue of corruption and developed new diagnostic and advocacy
tools which have led to real change in perceptions of corruption.

Since September, IMPACT has an associate working with the
Cambodian Coalition for Integrity and Social Accountability/CISA
(see to build their capacity.
It is hoped that in the near future joint programs will be
implemented between the two partners.  
Sierra Leone
IMPACT members supported the Sierra Leonean Anti-Corruption in training of the Prevention department staff in 2005.
In 2008 IMPACT supported the development of the DANIDA "Good Governance Program" with several missions to Ghana.